Information for Event Hosts

Hosting our events is the most important contribution you can make! Hosts get the most promotion of any level of sponsorship for any single event. People get to meet you, see your space, hear about your services, and you can invite current clients and referral partners to be live testimonies to your success.

Hosts provide space for our meeting, and light refreshments. At minimum hosts provide water, but a little nosh would be best for happy talkers (hosts can seek a snack sponsor for this, see below). Hosts get 2 minutes to address the group as a whole during announcements.

We are looking for hosts with space for 30 or more people to meet in Orange, Eastern Sullivan, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, & Westchester counties. We try not to have 2 months in a row in the same county.

Please contact us with 2 months that are listed as "To be announced" (or "TBA") from our Events calendar, whether your location is poorly suited for bad weather, whether you have adequate parking and whether your location is wheelchair accessible.

Event Host FAQ

Should I advertise the event?

The more people who spread the word the better. If you need help describing the event, there's some suggested text & images here. We have business cards and flyers that you can put out, too. Let us know if you would like any, or you may print your own from the Advertising Materials page.

What is "Wheelchair Accessible"?

I ask every host whether their establishment is wheelchair accessible. There are several issues involved.

  1. No steps to enter
  2. Doorways a minimum of 36" wide

Full accessibility also includes a wheelchair-accessible bathroom on the same level as the entrance.

We appreciate host locations where everyone can join us, and having this information in our listings will help people decide whether they can attend the event comfortably and with dignity.

Snack sponsor

Hosts may invite a snack sponsor for their event, and we will honor them by allowing them to attend without a fee and allowing them to speak for up to 2 minutes. Please stress healthy snacks for our guests, and provide a light snack for up to 20 people.

If you would like to be a snack sponsor, I can play matchmaker for a sponsor who needs one if you contact us.

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