There are many ways to contribute to Holistic Hudson Valley to make sure it is successful:


If you think you may want to host a Holistic Hudson Valley event, please see: Special Information for Hosts & Event Advertising Information for Hosts

Event Sponsoring

This is a simple corporate sponsorship level. Per-event sponsorship is $25 and allows you 3 minutes to address the crowd. You may sponsor 5 events for $100 and a whole year for $175. There are only 2 sponsorship slots available on a per-event basis, so please check for availability and I can send you an invoice.


At every event we give away a prize to someone who RSVP'd for the event, and door prizes. You may donate a prize in the name of yourself or your business. If you would like to donate a prize but will not be attending the event, you may send the prize to "Eclectic Tech, LLC, PO Box 225, New Hampton NY 10958" but please make sure I know to expect the prize :) Otherwise I may think it's a gift for me.


One or more volunteers are welcome at our events. Your event fee will be waived (or your membership extended an extra month) as a Thank-You! for helping out. Volunteers can help with checking people in at the door, set-up &/or break-down of the event. Please Contact Criss with what you would like to do to help out.

Written Contributions

I am looking for articles about the different wellness categories.

  • Category Descriptions - up to 500 words describing a wellness category
  • Feature Articles - 1000+ words

Your contribution should be an original piece (not a copy of Wikipedia, something else you've already written, or something "borrowed" from another website) and will be linked to your Directory listing &/or your website. A link back to your website is very important for search-engine results.

If there are multiple contributions for a wellness category, the best one will be featured on the Category page and a "Other descriptions..." type link will lead to the other contributed descriptions that are deemed appropriate for posting. There are so many different ways to look at the same thing. Pieces will be judged based on brevity, clarity, reading level (lower is better), and scope (how well they cover the category). Judging entries is up to the staff at Holistic Hudson Valley and is subject to our whims, available time, and personal judgment.

You may contact me for my email address if you are interested in contributing. We only accept contributions from people who live, work, breathe, eat, worship, school, or practice in the Hudson Valley area.

Spread the Word

We have business cards, a Facebook page, a group, small flyers listing upcoming events, and more to make it easy for everyone to promote upcoming Holistic Hudson Valley events. Please invite people to our online groups, forward our event announcements, or hand out our business cards or flyers. This type of volunteering makes it clear that we've got a pulse :)

Signage sponsor NEW!!!

Help us purchase banners, chloroplast signs, and more to be used as event signage.

Media & quantity sponsoredSponsor PriceProspective use
Window Clings (12)$25.00For car windows, for members
Window Clings (larger)$35.00For door/window at event venues
Business Cards (1000)$40.00Hand out & leave-behinds at local venues (current batch Sponsored by Liberated Life Coaching)
Door banner$60.00On door at Host venues (2 desired)
Postcards (1000)$50.00Hand out & leave-behinds at local venues Sponsored by Liberated Life Coaching
Table banner (1)$60.00On or over table at trade shows
Car Magnets (12)$70.00Prizes & on sponsor & coordinator vehicle(s)
Chloroplast signs (8)$75.00In-ground pointing directions near venue
Posters 8.5 x 11 (250)$99.00Post at holistic establishments throughout area

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Holistic Hudson Valley is a community service organized by Criss Ittermann of Eclectic Tech, LLC.
Please make event and membership checks out to Eclectic Tech and mail to:
Holistic Hudson Valley c/o Eclectic Tech LLC, PO Box 225, New Hampton, NY 10958
For more information, call or text Criss at Eclectic Tech: 845-820-0262