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Holistic Hudson Valley (Holistic HV) brings together holistic enthusiasts -- whether they are practitioners or not -- to network together, learn and share their experiences.

With a tighter-knit holistic community, we’ll know what’s going on in our area and when someone we know needs help, we’ll know who they should go to.

Make friends, meet new people, find out about events in the area, learn about the wide variety of modalities represented in the area, or to have interesting conversations around the whole holistic philosophy. Let’s build a stronger holistic community throughout our area without the high cost and time investment associated with holistic retreat centers and immersive programs.

About Holistic Hudson Valley

We’re an open gathering every last Wednesday of the month at holistic establishments. Our times and places vary each month to help accommodate different schedules and interests. If you have a holistic business and would like to be an event host please contact Rev. Criss at 845-820-0262.

Meetings are free for members, $5 for non-members. Membership is $25 per year, and businesses can get a listing in our directory for an additional $15. Prize and advertising sponsorships are available.

For more information on events or membership, please go to or call Rev. Criss at 845-820-0262, and for announcements and news search for “Holistic Hudson Valley” on or facebook.

Special prize drawings for event RSVPs!

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Holistic Hudson Valley is an open gathering of holistic enthusiasts every last Wednesday of the month. Meetings are free for members, $5 for non-members. Membership is $25 per year. Please RSVP to be entered in a special prize drawing. See or call Rev. Criss at 845-820-0262, for more information.

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© Eclectic Tech.
Holistic Hudson Valley is a community service organized by Criss Ittermann of Eclectic Tech, LLC.
Please make event and membership checks out to Eclectic Tech and mail to:
Holistic Hudson Valley c/o Eclectic Tech LLC, PO Box 225, New Hampton, NY 10958
For more information, call or text Criss at Eclectic Tech: 845-820-0262